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Bear Republic Brewery | Brand Revival

Website Campaign
I rebranded Bear Republic Brewery, a family owned microbrewery, to give it a fresh look. I wanted to strengthen their personal interests through design. As a company, they love racing. I decided to embrace that through subtle racing elements throughout the brand. They are extremely proud to live and operate their business in California, through their name origins and usage of the bears for the face of their campaign. I decided to expand on their love for bears by creating individual mascots for each beer flavor.

Spot Ad
Stinger Ad

Kairos Denim | Brand Identity

2016 Local AAF Silver ADDY award
I had the opportunity to design my own denim line, Kairos Denim. It is inspired of the Greek goddesses of the seasons, the Horae. Each goddess has their own jean that aligns with the seasons. Kairos Denim wants you feel like a goddess, even in a pair of jeans.

Walter’s Wafflewich | food truck packaging
I created fictional food truck located in Seattle, Washington that sells waffle sandwiches. I drew inspiration from the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle that promoted space exploration and the introduction to Belgian waffles to the United States.
AIGA Get out the Vote |  Poster AIGA Get Out the Vote
I created this poster to encourage Americans to vote in the general and local elections in a non-partisan manner. Traffic signs must be obeyed! This belief was applied to the visual language of traffic signs to voting.

Check out the Website Campaign
State of the Art Sandwiches | City Guide Tri-fold Brochure

2015 Local AAF Silver ADDY award
I created a city guide brochure for downtown Madison, Wisconsin to showcase the best places to find a sandwich on the go. To embrace the on the go lifestyle, when the brochure open, it also works as a brown paper bag to carry your sandwich! 

Umai Delights | Handmade Cookbook
Handmade Cookbook I created a handmade book, Japanese stab bound book filled with recipes and the history of Japanese cuisine.
The Rise to the TOP | Editorial Spread
An entertainment spread for a magazine. I wanted to highlight the history of one of my favorite bands, Twenty One Pilots.
Insights: Design Lecture Series Live Webcast | Poster

Local AAF Silver ADDY award
I created this poster to promote Walker Art Center’s Insights Lecture Series live webcast. Clarke University held a live viewing in their graphic design studio for each lecture.
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